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The Scottish Episcopal Church - United diocese of Glasgow and Galloway

Welcome to the Joint Charges of St Johns Church, Johnstone and St Margarets Church, Renfrew

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Prayer resources for CHRISTMAS & EPIPHANY

Here you will find prayer resources to help you celebrate the church's year in your own personal and househld devotions.

A Blessing for a Crib Scene at home
Blessing of a Crib scene
Blessing of a Crib leaflet
Epiphany home blessing Epiphany Home blessing leaflet - collect your blessed chalk from church and invite members of your household, neighbours or friends to join in as you mark your hoe as a Christian home. A great tool for evangelism and invitation to join the life of Christ's Church.
Epiphany home blessing
Epiphany Blessing Leaflet
For details of further ways of learning and praying try using the daily 12min guided prayers on
You can also contact the Rector to talk about your prayer life and how you can develop this or begin to start growing your spiritual life.
Reuben is a trained Spirtual Director and you can find out some more about this by taking a look at

The Rector is always happy to meet and talk with you.