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21st I have been working on the Java and thinking about how the final piece can utilise Java classes in its construction. I have also been doing quite a bit of reading around the java3D packages and I hope to get the swing of those over the next few weeks. Now I am starting to look at Java and SQL which will be useful as I think about the building of the data base. I hope to be able to develop a simple data base from some of the details we already have from the previous video footage.
Today was a meeting witht eh Associate Dean of Research and I am exempt from the 60 units/credits of Research methodologies which is an immense relief becaue half of this year could ahve been taken up with doing research methodlogies for a forth time.


16th I am feeling a bit worse for wear this morning because I was out last night with Marcus having a PhD drink together and catching up and planning ideas for ppaper writing. We spent the whole evening chatting and drinking and planning - very productive.
My plans for the work are coming along fairly well - I have located some Java Speach recognition s/w we may be able to use and I shall be exploring that further over the next few weeks.
My Java is coming along well adn I think I know what I am aiming towards. The only down side at the moment is that I ahve hurt my knee- just too many bench presses at the gym I think.
R ight off to draw some more diagrams and charts.

11th I am struggling with copying the data from the HD belonging to Ken and mine - ah the difficulties of Mac/PC compatibility! But at least I can now log into the system on the Macs and the PCs which is a great relief. This afternoon I have a meeting with Tim about a proposal for a project which Eva is talking through with him - I don't really know much about it but I shall know more once I have been to the meeting.  
10th I have now settled into my office area and I have been developing my ideas for the project. Next week I have to present a diagram of where I think the work will be going and I would like to add a rough timescale to that.
On a domestic level I have found a nice little pad to live in at 47 Devonshire Ave so I think that will keep me happy for the next 6 months at least until I have got to know people in the area.
I spent this evening in the library going through the catalogue for all the interesting books they have on Java - also found some CDROM materials they have and a lot of electroinic stuff too. Well that is all going to keep me going for weeks I think.