Colours of the Sphere
A research project in the School of Art, Design & Media, University of Portsmouth, England UK
Methods of Viewing the Universe of Colour

We are planning on having three methods for people to visit the Colour Sphere. The first will be in a gallery setting where the immersive colour experience can be as sophisticated as resources allow, with the potential for using whole room projections of the
colour sphere and navigation using touch sensitive tablets or large joystick interfaces.

Secondly, we are planning the development of a colour sphere booth of some description, which can be transported around different community venues, or set up in lobby areas. This would again allow the viewer to explore the colour sphere world as well as make their own contribution to the growing database of messages within the world.

The third method of access will be through a website where the sphere may be navigated online at a screen. This method will have associated with it an opportunity for people to contribute to the world of colour messages.