Colours of the Sphere
A research project in the School of Art, Design & Media, University of Portsmouth, England UK
Technical Requirements

The project will be located on the internet and broadband connection will be needed for the project to operate in any of its three forms.

Gallery Environment
The software will be downloaded from the colour sphere world website and configured for the particular setting. Adjustments will be needed depending upon the graphical interface being use i.e. project(s), screens etc, as well as the navigation tools being used in any particular installation. Special arrangements may need to be made for each installation, although the engineering is trying to build a general system, which will be majoritively, unchanged.

Stand alone Unit
This unit will be based around an optimized computer for the project and will require a main supply and broadband internet connection via a network cable or free access wireless networking.

Online Environment

The online environment for the project will require the viewers machine to have the Java Virtual Machine loaded (pretty much standard with new computers) The quality of the sphere’s motion and definition will be determined by the specification of the viewers’ machines. Most standard home computers will work perfectly well for this.

The collection of new data for the colour world via the website additions pages will be gathered using textual input from the users, although we hope to establish mechanisms for receiving video footage via webcams for archiving.

The project will provide:
    •  An intriguing interactive exhibit with a wide
       demographic appeal.
    •  An educational tool which explains interactively aspects
       of the physics and psychology of colour.
    •  An analysis of the data generated of possible commercial

University of Portsmouth Contribution:
Development of the artwork and software system,
provide contextual information and project
support. If you would like to develop a collaborative
partnership please contact: