Our pattern of worship at St Matthews is based on the lectionery of the Church of England and follows daily Morning Prayer readings (OT & NT) along with the psalms for the day. We observe saitints days and memorials according to the Common Worship calendar. On Sundays at the 8:30am Holy Communion we use the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and use its lectionery readings. At the 10am service we use the Redemptorists mass sheets with the readings for the Universalis lectionery. Liturgically, the full calendar of Festivals is observed: Ash Wednesday, Lent, Holy Week, Eastertide, Saints Days, Advent and Christmastide and Epiphany.   

We are part of the Gosport Deanery and we celebrate our sister churches patronal festivals with them and share in the celebration of Ascension Day, Advent Carol Service, Corpus Christi, and Candlemass. 

Sundays - 
            8am Morning Prayer CW said
            8:30am Holy Communion BCP 1662 with BCP readings
            10am Parish Eucharist CW with hymns/songs and sermon
                     we use the Mass of Light mass setting by David Haas
                     refreshments are served after this service

09:15 Holy Communion
         1st Tues of the Month Requiem
         2nd Tues Walsingham Eucharist
         3rd  Tues feria
         4th  Tue 9:30am ecumenical at the Methodist Church alternate months
         5th  Tues feria
09:45 Coffee Morning

Daily Prayer - Morning Prayer Mon-Sat 8:30am  Sunday 8am

The work of the Church of Christ is to pray - to give glory to God our source of life and light - to lay before God praise, and the needs of his church and the world.
At St Matthew's Morning & evening Prayer form the bedrock of the daily cycle of prayer in the parish.

Morning Prayer lasts about 30mins and is said at 8:30am Monday-Saturday and 8:00am on Sundays.

We follow the Anglican lectionery and cycle of prayers for our brother and sister Anglicans across the Diocese and the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

Morning & Evening Prayer online
The online version of Morning Prayer in the Church of England can be found here
and Evening Prayer here.

Spiritual Development
We take our spiritual life seriously at St Matthews and we have an annual pilgrimage to Walsingham for 4 days in the spring and a day pilgrimage to the St Albans Festival. On the Saturday before the Feast of the Assumption we have a quiet Day and on the first Saturday in December we have a quiet day. These take place at The Daughters of Wisdom spirituality centre and are led by either our clergy, readers of other invited leaders.  We have an annual Prayer day in the parish itself focussing on creativity.   Our photo galleries will give you a flavour of this dimension of our church life together.

During Lent we join in with Churches Together In Gosport and share in the Lent course for the year.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is available during Lent and Advent as well as by appointment with the parish priest.

Orders of Service

Advent (pdf)      Christmastide (pdf)     Epiphanytide (pdf) 

Ordinary Time (pdf)     Lent (pdf)  Passiontide (pdf)   Palm Sunday (pfd)

Triduum: Maundy Thursday (pdf),      Good Friday (pdf)   Easter Eve Ceremonies (pdf)     Eastertide (pdf)

Pentecost (Pfd)  

Requiem (pdf) Our Lady of Walsingham (pdf


Funeral Service (pdf)         Baptism/Christening of infants (pdf)