Weddings at St Matthews

If you are thinking of getting married at St. Matthews, then you will already have been thinking about making a serious commitment to your partner, for a church wedding is not about getting some nice photos, but about making some solemn promises before God.

Married life has its ups and downs, but like most things, if you are prepared to work at your relationship and not see it as some kind of disposable commodity, to discard lightly when the going gets a bit tough, then you will find it a rewarding sacrament for life.

Marriage is a sacrament: it speaks of God getting involved in your relationship. In fact, there should always be three people in your marriage: the two of you and Almighty God. God walks with you through the joyous times and the not so joyous.

At St Matthews you will find a warm welcome and a desire to help you have a wonderful day, and support you through the rest of your married life together.

Who can get married at St. Matthews?

You need to live within the parish boundary. If you are unsure come and look at the map in the Parish office (Sat 9:30-10:30am)

If you don't then you will need to be on the electoral roll, which means becoming a regular member of our Church community. 

You may also get married at St Matthews if you have a special link with the area, again please talk to the parish priest who will be able to help you further.

If you have been divorced, then this does not  exclude you from a wedding at St. Matthews, please talk to the parish priest about your situation. Sometimes it may be more appropriate to have a service of blessing following a civil wedding.

How do I book a wedding? - see Forms page for downloads

One or both of you needs to come to our Parish Office, which is held every Saturday morning between 9:30-10:30am. The office is staffed by members of our congregation who will be able to fill in the right forms with you and book your wedding into the diary. You can download our Initial Wedding booking form and bring it filled in along with your deposit to ensure you get the date and time you want before dealing with all the legal necessities later.

The office staff will check that you are either living in the Parish or are on the electoral roll. They will then arrange for your banns to be called.

Banns - see Forms page for downloads

Calling the banns is a legal requirement if you are to be married in the Church of England. We read out your names on three Sundays and announce that you are planning to get married. This gives people in the local community a chance to object if they know of a reason why you cannot legally marry. (If you marry in a registry office, your names would be displayed for three weeks before the wedding for the same reason).

We will read your banns on the first three Sundays of the month before the wedding. We will tell you the dates of the banns. You do not have to be present in church at the 10am Sunday Service to hear them, although a lot of couples like to be there.

If one of you lives in another parish, you must have your banns read there as well. Banns must be read during the three months before the wedding. Please contact the other church in good time so that they can arrange this. When the banns have been called in the other church, they will give you a certificate which you must bring to us. This is your responsibility. We cannot marry you if we have not seen this certificate.

If you need a banns certificate for a wedding in another church, then after the banns have been called they should be picked up from the Parish Office on Saturdays.