Colours of the Sphere
A research project in the School of Art, Design & Media, University of Portsmouth, England UK

The Colours of the Sphere is a universe of all colour. It is a development of a former project, Enigmatic Communities of Colour. This former project is a 2 dimensional interactive artwork started in 1998. It responded to a brief for a participatory artwork, which would provide an opportunity for involvement from as wide as possible cross-section of the community in the Landport area of Portsmouth as part of an award winning SRB2 redevelopment initiative. The key locations where the work was created were Arundel Court Junior School, St Faith’s Community Centre (later renamed Landport Community Centre), the Haven Community Centre and the Aspex Gallery Portsmouth. Since then the work has been in residence at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts Cean Normandy, The Stanley Picker Gallery University of Kingston and the Iceland Academy of Arts Reykjavik.

The Colours of the Sphere is a major evolutionary development of Enigmatic Communities of Colour. It replaces a 2 dimensional artwork with an interactive, 3 dimensional virtual environment, a Universe of Colour. It also incorporates a series of analytical processes dynamically mapping empirical, cognitive and metaphysical relationships.


The Colours of the Sphere collects, processes, outputs, maps and enlightens. It's a conceptual framework and technical architecture within which events happen, are recalled and are continually reconfigured. It is, by its nature, participatory; the content is defined by the diversity of the contributions. A well as being an interactive virtual 3 dimensional environment it is an
analytical engine.