Colours of the Sphere
A research project in the School of Art, Design & Media, University of Portsmouth, England UK

The Colours of the Sphere project is an interactive, contributory digital artwork which explores the meaning of colour at this era in our history.

In three dimensions the project is a gallery based interactive artwork to allow visitors to explore the world of colour stories left by previous contributors; in a second dimension visitors are able to make their contribution to the artwork by selecting a colour using a specially designed interface system to collect demographic details and also record a video message (all contributors also receive a personalized certificate recording their contribution to the artwork); and ina final third dimension the database of colour details which is being built from the details of the contributions provides an analytical search engine of colour.

The first two dimensions of the project are underway and a programme of showing and contribution is being planned fro Sept 07-May '08 during which time we hope to build up the current 500 contributions to several thousands.

Images of the current manifestation of the project in its development stages can be found HERE - viewing, whilst details of the contribution process can be found HERE - contributing .

Venues which are part of the touring programme so far are listed below and if you are interested in hosting a visit from the project please contact us at

Some details of the projects historical development can be found HERE - historical development.

Project team:
Ken Devine - project leader,
Reuben James Preston - artist programmer
Dr Darren Van Laars - psychologist,
Dr Chris Dewdney - physicist,
Roy Osborne - colour art historian

  Viewing the work

  Contributing to the work

  Joining In - hosting the project at your venue

  Who is it for?

Organizations currently planning taking part.....

Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth
MAC Midlands Art Centre
Milliais Gallery Southampton
Mount Pleasant Media Workshop
West End Centre, Aldershot
Quay Arts Centre IOW
Tower Arts Centre, Winchester
Ecole Régionale des Beaux-arts Caen
Tongues & Grooves, Portsmouth
Springfield School, Drayton Portsmouth
Mount Pleasant Junior School
Fareham College
Portsmouth College
Walsall College West Midlands
Portsmouth City Council Arts service
Portsmouth City Council Social Services
Havant College
Portsmouth Grammar School
Portsmouth City Council Palmerston Road
Portsmouth City Council Commercial Road
King Richard School, Paulsgrove