Colours of the Sphere
A research project in the School of Art, Design & Media, University of Portsmouth, England UK

Development stage 1 viewing of the Colour Sphere
Instructions: use the mouse and mouse buttons to revolve the sphere example 1 sphere here

Development stage 3 travelling through the sphere
Instructions: use arrow keys and ctrl & alt keys to move through the space example 3 sphere here

Development stage travelling through the sphere with current colour and coordinates plotting example 4 sphere here

Installation of Java3D™
- The Colours of the Sphere uses the lastest in Java technology and requires you to have the Java Run time environment installed on your machine along with the Java3D additions.

Adding Java3D™ capability to your machine:
providing you have have a Java Runtime Environment on your machine adding Java3D™ is a straightforward operation and once it has been done all Java3D™ content will be viewable from all websites. You will need to visit the Java website and download the latest version of Java3D™ for your machine. The link to the appropriate page is here. All major platforms can be found on this page.

based machine for XP with DirectX just click here - download and run this file. It will add Java3D to your Java Runtime Environment.

Macintosh Computers: details for adding Java 3D™ capabilities to your machine can be found here

Networked Computers:
If your computer is networked you may need to contact your network administrator to carry out this operation for you because it may not be possible for you to follow these instructions.

Project team:
Ken Devine, Reuben James Preston,
Dr Darren Van Laars, Dr Chris Dewdney

Development stage 2 viewing and travelling around the two layers of the sphere
Instructions: use the arrow keys and the PgUp PgDn keys to move around the world. Pressing the = key will take you to the starting position, click on the large window to begin example 2 sphere here