Colours of the Sphere
A research project in the School of Art, Design & Media, University of Portsmouth, England UK

Contributing to the Work

During this next round of collecting further reflections and thoughts about colour to be added to the project we are working with a variety of artists to facilitate workshops in different venues.

We are also taking the project to many community settings, religious settings, colleges, schools, arts centres, work places and social clubs to gain as wide a variety of contributions as we can.

To make a contribution to the project is simple and set of very easy to follow and use web-pages have been produced to gather the demographic data we need to place each contribution in the world.

The details we are collecting include: personal details, hobbies, work & leisure activities, personal social situation data as well as a chance to help us by answering some psychological profiling questions.  Throughout the process the contributor can answer or skip any question they choose. 

The colour is chosen using a custom tool and a video message is recorded using a webcam and microphone.  At the end of the process the computer creates a certificate which records and shows the colour chosen by the contributor and the location and date which they made their contribution to the project.

The data collected is used to help us learn about the reasons for peoples' choices of colours and how they have attached meaning to their colour.  This data will become part of a database which we shall develop to help us learn how colour is given meaning at this point in history.

The panel to the right shows some of the experimental contribution pages we are working on at this time.

an example certificate


Project team:
Ken Devine - project leader,
Reuben James Preston - artist programmer
Dr Darren Van Laars - psychologist,
Dr Chris Dewdney - physicist,
Roy Osborne - colour art historian

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  Contributing to the work

  Joining In - hosting the project at your venue

  Who is it for?

example contributon pages
collecting basic demographic details
an example of a colour selection tool
collecting some details about housing
the end of the process - printing a certificate
Throughout the contribution an audio explanation is also given which the contributor can listen to again if they need to.