Colours of the Sphere
A research project in the School of Art, Design & Media, University of Portsmouth, England UK

VIEWING the Work

The artwork has been developed on a set of computers. One is dedicated to showing the 3D virtual world which is then projected onto a wall or screen.     We are looking to a longer term installation using a large semicircular wall to help develop an all encompassing experience - but a screen or wall works fine for a temporary visit.

The world is a sphere in which all digitally generatable colours are contained - 16.7 million. The north pole of the sphere is white and the south pole is black with 100% saturated colours occurring around the equator. All other areas of the sphere are proportioned to these fixed points. At the centre of the sphere is mid-grey.

Here are some snap shots of the sphere from its outside.

view from side
view from side
view from side
view from side
looking down at the top of the sphere
looking up at the base of the sphere


Project team:
Ken Devine - project leader,
Reuben James Preston - artist programmer
Dr Darren Van Laars - psychologist,
Dr Chris Dewdney - physicist,
Roy Osborne - colour art historian

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  Contributing to the work

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  Who is it for?

As the viewer navigates around the sphere using the joystick they are traveling through what are like layers of an onion. Each successive layer is greyer than the previous one with the middle of the sphere being absolute mid-grey.

inside the sphere between layers 1 and 2 - each face is a contributors face and when driven into reveals their video message
having tilted slightly in the journey
in a darker region of the sphere
with the centre of the sphere ahead - mid grey

All of the faces in the sphere show the contributions made so far. As the visitor drives around they see clusters of faces rotating in a planet like fashion. If a face is driven into the whole screen/projection becomes the colour of that contributor and their message about that colour is played.

Some contributors have used English and others have used their first language, whilst other have chosen to use signs and symbols to convey their message.